We formulate with 5.8 billion CFUs per capsule based off of stability data, to support a 4 billion CFU per capsule count at the end of 24 months. Other products claim manufacture date only because many are not doing the stability studies to support shelf-life claims.

Restore M3

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At Ruff & Purr, integrity is important to us. Because of that we go above and beyond to ensure our customers and furry clients can feel confident that the product is what it stated on the label.

We tested other competitor products on Amazon and found that over 66% of them had less that the label claim of probiotics. In addition, some actually failed completely and had zero probiotics remaining in the bottle.

We want to make sure we deliver product that gets to you as we formulated it, because the numbers matter and you deserve to get what you pay for.

While there is some research that states even dead probiotics have benefit, we understand that the live probiotics are most beneficial for your dog.


The team at Ruff & Purr carefully selected each prebiotic and probiotic after reviewing the available scientific studies which provided insight into the survivability, efficacy and benefits of each associated with dogs.


We additionally, we reviewed the scientific data to determine the appropriate overages needed to ensure a 24-month shelf life.