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Digestive Enzymes break down the foods that pets and their humans eat into more easily absorbable particles allowing the body more access to the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients found in our food.

Probiotics support the gut lining by building a stronger barrier from invaders (like pathogens) and providing a healthier access point for nutrient absorption from our foods.

Prebiotics superchargeProbiotics by encouraging the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut or “digestive tract”.Prebiotics act as the “food” for probiotics. Certain prebiotics can actually produce digestive enzymes helping the body be more efficient at breaking down foods naturally.

ATP is what the body uses to power every reaction, it is the primary energy carrier in all living organisms on earth. When you supplement with ATP, it can provide extra energy to aid the digestive process. For example, ATP is needed in both the human and animal body to break down the different macronutrients into usable energy. The exogenous consumption of ATP assists with the assimilation of nutrients through the better and more efficient breakdown of those macronutrients from food.

3 Products in 1

Ruff and Purr combines probiotics with both prebiotic fibers and digestive enzymes. By feeding this product to your pet, you eliminate the need to purchase separate prebiotic, probiotic and digestive enzyme products while getting the benefit of all three in a single dose and save an average of $20-$40 per month on additional supplements.

Restore Microbiome M3 is engineered by Science and backed by scientific data. We designed the product to work with your pet’s digestive system and not against it.

Probiotics help prime the gut lining to absorb the nutrients which have been made available by the enzymes

Prebiotics feed probiotics, encouraging the growth of more good bacteria to support a healthy and balanced microbiome

Digestive Enzymes help break down your pet’s food into easily absorbed nutrients.

ATP is your pet’s natural fuel source; ATP is also an energy molecule that fuels the digestive process; It is an energy molecule.

Our product is produced in a state-of-the-art probiotic ONLY facility.

There are many probiotic brands in the market, but the best brands understand the delicacy of probiotics and their special care. Manufacturing in a probiotic specific facility ensures that our probiotic products are handled with care throughout the manufacturing process.

Another significant benefit of manufacturing in a specific probiotic facility is that it prevents the cross-contamination of any ingredients (such as certain herbs) that may compromise the viability of the probiotics. We use only human grade ingredients in our product that are GRAS[1] (GenerallyRecognized as Safe) by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Restore M3® is made is a cGMP[2] (Certified Good Manufacturing Process)and NSF[3] Certified Facility to ensure the ultimate safety of the finished product. Many manufacturing sites across the US are GMP but not as many are cGMP and very few are also NSF Certified.

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