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Our Story

We’ve been able to apply our knowledge of nutrition and science and how both work together to enhance the way that we care for our own pets. Early in our journey, we owned an energetic and sweet black Labrador Retriever named Wellington who at the age of 3 years, was put on medication for his thyroid. After giving him thyroid medication consistently for several years, we noticed that he began to show signs of illness that included fluid accumulation, lethargy and increased thirst. Our beloved Welly was diagnosed with Copper Storage disease, a condition which occurs when there is a build-up of copper in the liver. 

Once we understood what this disease was and how it impacts health, we changed Welly’s diet to include home-cooked, nutrient dense foods. In addition to a healthy diet we also gave him high quality supplements including probiotics and enzymes. Within a few weeks – his eyes were brighter, he lost weight, his coat went from dull to shiny, and he became more energetic. Both our family and our vet were amazed by his awesome transformation over such a short period of time. Unfortunately for all of us, Welly’s renewed energy and zest was short-lived. During emergency surgery to remove an enlarged spleen, it was also discovered that Wellington’s liver was almost completely ravaged due to the Copper storage disease and prolonged exposure to thyroid and other medications. Weeks after coming home from surgery, Wellington passed away from organ failure. While we would’ve loved to have had more time with him, one of the biggest lessons we learned from Wellington’s life is that the best time to take charge of your pet’s health and well-being is right now. We look back on our experience with Welly’s health transformation and think of how much longer Welly could have lived if we had started earlier with better food and nutrition. While we cannot change past, we made a vow to change the future in the lives of our other pets, our friends and families, and even ourselves.


Ruff & Purr Pets was founded with the belief that our animal companions should be living their very best lives no matter their age or circumstance. Your pet deserves to not just survive but Thrive. This is why we formulate the highest quality ingredients that are gentle, safe and effective. We are passionate about science and are serious about results. 


Ruff & Purr provides safe and effective products that are scientifically proven to improve your pet’s health and quality of life. We focus on equipping you with the resources for your pet’s longevity so you can focus on providing the love.

Ruff & Purr Mission

Ruff & Purr's mission is to provide all animal lovers, pet parents and advocates with the knowledge, resources and products that provide their furry friends with the best opportunity to Thrive. This is accomplished through a balanced, whole food diet; the highest quality supplements; and access to scientifically researched resources to help you find what works best for your pet's specific nutritional needs.

How We Achieve Our Mission

Our Evidence Driven Approach

Phase 1: Evidence-Based Research & Analysis

With data-driven research at the forefront, our industry leading product engineering process begins with a hyperfocused examination of the most up to date clinical research on human and animal longevity.

Phase 2: Market Analysis

We then survey the market to assess what is currently being offered to promote animal longevity. If our team finds a product that comes close to addressing and solving the issues being raised in the research, we take a sample and run it through our lab to determine if the product being provided is living up to its claim.

Phase 3: Product Development

From there, our experienced and animal-loving product development team strategizes a prototype that incorporates the necessary and missing ingredients into a product. Once tested in the lab and proven efficacy, we begin production in a quality-controlled environment.

Phase 4: Education & Awareness

Most of our competitors market their products to sell. We market our products to educate and provide solutions. In all of our content, we aim not to sell, but to educate and to highlight what is possible for your pet’s long-term health.

Phase 5: Continuous Iterations

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. Our team is passionate about our “why” which is to empower pet parents and their advocates with the knowledge to help their pets not only survive but to thrive. We believe all animals can have a longer, healthier life with the correct supplementation and dietary regimen and support. A healthier gut, a longer pet life.

Ruff & Purr Brand Pillars


    We want to raise the bar on holistic health consciousness by empowering consumers through education and resources that will help them provide the very best care for their pets. We provide complete overviews of the ingredients that we use and how they work with the chemistry of your pet to bring about optimal health benefits.


    Love and longevity is what we wish for you and your furry family members. We’ve created a premium synbiotic supplement (pre and probiotics) to provide a full spectrum of gut nutrition and wellness. We offer antioxidant-rich products that increase your pet’s strength and energy.


    We give back to the community by supporting local dog and cat rescues. A portion of your purchase goes back to the community to help animals in need. Unlike other companies that provide no option for where your money goes, we want you to decide. This is why we participate with a handful of organizations that provide education, advocacy and healthy outcomes for all kinds of companion animals.


    We are passionate about science and are serious about results. This is why we refer to scientific journals, studies, and conduct thorough testing to provide the best formulas that are wholesome and healthy for your pets.


    We understand how much you love your pet because we’re pet parents, too! When your loved ones aren’t feeling well, it impacts the entire family unit. This is why we’re focused on giving you everything you need to ensure your pets are safe, healthy and happy!


    We provide full disclosure in what we put in our ingredients, our processes and where everything is sourced so that you can feel confident in what you’re giving your furry family members.


    We only use strains of probiotics that have gone through the highest quality checked procedures. We are meticulous in how our formulas are made and choose partners and vendors who care as much as we do. All of our products are manufactured in a Certified GMP facility (cGMP) to maintain the highest standards of quality and integrity. In addition, our Probiotic, Restore M³ product is manufactured in a probiotic only facility.


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