How did we get the name Restore M3® for Our Pet Probiotic??

How did we get the name Restore M3® for Our Pet Probiotic??

The name Restore M3® came very easily to us. The purpose of Ruff & Purr Pets is to provide solutions to pet parents to help our pets live their best lives. We want our pets to live longer and to thrive while they are in our lives. We believe that all health starts in the gut and the best way to support gut health is to address the microbiome at every level. 

The word “Restore” means to us that we have the ability to make small changes to provide a big impact to our pets. 

The letter “M” stands for the microbiome which according to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences is “the collection of all microbes, such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and their genes, that naturally live on our bodies and inside us

The number “3” stands for three ways to positively impact the microbiome which include (1) Probiotics to introduce healthy bacteria into the gut microbiome, (2) Prebiotics to feed the probiotics and to also keep unwanted bacteria away from the gut microbiome, and (3) Digestive Enzymes to break down foods so that the nutrients are more readily available to be absorbed into the gut microbiome. 

Weed, Seed & Feed

Have you heard of the three step system to follow when planting a garden? First, you remove any weeds from the garden to prepare the soil with a healthy base to be a happy home for what you intend to grow. Next, you plant the seeds that you have chosen. These can be seeds for growing produce to nourish your body or seeds for growing flowers to create a happy environment for butterflies and bees in the garden. Lastly, you want to feed your garden with fertilizer to support healthy growth of your plants. Fertilizer can support your plant throughout their growth cycle and help them grow strong to be resilient against pests and other unwanted qualities. This is the same concept that we apply in Restore M3® . We combined a unique selection of Prebiotics to Weed by keeping unwanted bacteria at bay, a blend of Probiotics with levels studied in pets to Seed beneficial bacteria, and Digestive Enzymes to free up nutrients to Feed the healthy gut microbiome. 

Revolutionizing Pet Supplements

In the rapidly evolving pet supplement industry, probiotics are emerging as central players in both food products and supplements. However, when we sought a holistic approach to support our pets' microbiome, we encountered a glaring void in the market. None of the available products met our stringent quality standards or contained all the ingredients we desired. Smelly probiotic chews, digestive enzyme powders riddled with fillers, and single-strain probiotics fell short of our expectations. Frustrated by this lack of options, after years of resorting to human supplements for our pets, we set out to create something truly exceptional and economically viable. Our vision was to develop a formula for our pets that incorporated the same high-quality ingredients found in human supplements and was manufactured in a dedicated facility. Thus, Ruff & Purr Pets came to life, and we proudly introduced our first product, Restore M3®, designed to revolutionize the pet supplement market by providing a comprehensive once-daily dose that met all our expectation



However, our commitment extends beyond crafting exceptional products. We believe in giving back and making a difference. With that in mind, we have pledged to donate 1% of every bottle sold, as well as provide free products, to support pet rescues. This is just the beginning of our journey, and we invite you to stay tuned for what lies ahead from Ruff & Purr Pets.


Together, let's embark on a transformative path toward optimal pet health and well-being. Join us as we continue to innovate and create positive change in the lives of our beloved furry companions.








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